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ATTENTION Absentee Owners Living Out of Town

Your Absentee Owner Service GUARANTEE!!

We GUARANTEE that we will view your 1 Acre Plus Home on schedule as per our agreement AND that we will send you a written report of the viewing on schedule


We will reduce your commission by $100 every time a scheduled visual inspection of your home is missed!

1 Acre Plus property owners who live out of the area have unique set of problems, when they decide to sell their 1 Acre Plus property. Not being present creates a need for services that many area realtors cannot provide.

Consider the following..... all pretty typical:

1. Vacant homes can begin t look vacant very quickly without the proper care.... un kept homes sell for less

2. Maintenance costs can increase unnecessarily... yard, house cleaning & utilities.

3. Small factors make buyers feel the home is not being maintained... smoke detectors needing batteries, newspapers left on the porch or door hangers on the knob.

4. Homes with tenants can be more difficult for buyers to see and are often not well maintained or kept in showing condition.

5. Vacant homes show every possible negative feature because there is no furniture or accessories to attract buyers attention, therefore, dust, bugs and small marks on paint, typically unnoticeable carpet stains are all visually noted by agents & Buyers.

6. Neighbors often use the driveway of vacant homes as extra parking space ( yes we have seen this one way too often )

How do you solve these problems?

How do you present your 1 Acre Plus property at its best?

Well we have a system for that:

FIRST - We walk you through our " 5 Star Pre Inspected Home " Process... among other steps we take to help you, we actually invest in you, providing you with a home warranty to cover you DURING the time your home is for sale! This saves you money, stress and unexpected expense.

SECOND - ( our sellers LOVE this ) We provide you a detailed checklist so that you know your home is showing in Top Condition at all times. When we check your home and we do that on a scheduled basis, we complete a checklist and send that checklist to you along with the photographs if needed to confirm that you home is exactly in the condition you expect and deserve!

Here is what you receive from us in writing each and every time we check your home... typically once a week, sometimes more often if needed.


Yard - Current condition.. does it need maintenance?

Landscaping - Current condition... does it need maintenance?

Interior - Current condition.. does it need cleaning, vacuuming or broom swept?

Smoke Detectors - If batteries are needed, we will replace them for you.

Windows - Confirm that all windows are locked.

Thermostat - Confirm that settings are as per your preference.

Light Bulbs - Confirm that all light bulbs are working.

All Exits = Confirm that all exits are locked and secure.

Plumbing - Confirm that all faucets and toilets are working properly... no leaks etc.

By following this simple checklist and providing you with follow up contacts, you can rest assured that your home is being maintained. remaining in excellent showing condition so that prospective buyers see it as it's best, insuring you Top Dollar when you receive an offer for your 1 Acre Plus home!

We GUARANTEE that we will view your 1 Acre plus home on schedule as per our agreement AND that we will send you a written report of the viewing on schedule


We will reduce your commission by $100 every time a scheduled visual inspection of your home is missed.

When we make a commitment to provide you service, we BACK it up! Would you want it ANY OTHER WAY?

Just in case you like the fact that we back our service up with an ironclad, no excuse, bullet proof Guarantee and you would like a current valuation of your property.. take a few seconds and let us know... We'll send your valuation to you by email... No hassle, no obligation!

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We have established a solid reputation for impeccable customer service and marketing strategies specific to 1 Acre Plus Homes. When you entrust the sale of your Acreage home to us, you are putting your faith in OUR entire network of experts in 1 Acre Plus Real estate sales, Real estate purchases, Loan processing and Marketing.

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