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How 1 Acre Plus Markets Your Home

Marketing Homes on an Acre or More...

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Presentation: One HUGE step toward a great presentation of your home is a PROFESSIONAL photographer... there are many other necessary steps, but here is the first cold hard truth.... if your agent does not hire a professional to take the pictures of your home, find someone else & FAST. Pictures & tours online are THE way buyers determine if they are going to physically see your home. This step cannot be compromised!

Preparation: This is the step far too few agents & sellers spend time and effort to complete. Without preparing properly, you put yourself in a hole from day 1. Preparation is an absolute MUST.... without preparing properly, your Maximum Value just became pie in the sky. Prepare Properly and Top Dollar is within reach.

We aggressively find buyers who want homes on an acre or more! Finding buyers who want homes on an acre or more is something we have been doing week after week, month after month & year after year!

It's MUCH more effective than when someone lists your home and then starts to look for a buyer for your home at that time.

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